In one hour we can cover much in regards to your communications plan and need. We can begin by discussing what you've built so far. With careful review, we assess what your goals are and ways that can be created to address them. 

Topics include: 

  • Creating functional web-hubs, information and communication centers that inform your audience in an engaging way about your work, letting them know how best to engage you. This can involve an existing website and 1-3 social networks, online newsletter and the collateral visual pieces that build consistency, forming a strong message.
  • Developing a social media strategy that fits your schedule and goals, and addressing the needs of your community or organization.
  • How to build understanding using custom graphics. For this type of session it is best to have the decision-makers and stake-holders present for the call. A group dialogue can bring together the shared values and agreed upon intentions to crystalize with informational graphics, or images paired with a messaging program you want to deliver to develop awareness.
  • Promoting an event or gathering. We will discuss your key points and objectives, time-frame and the components that go into this. 


Social Media Posting Guide Seeding Sovereignty July 2017

Social Media Posting Guide
Seeding Sovereignty July 2017

Available via phone, email and supported with work-booklets and tutorials designed specifically for you or your teams' needs. 

This may include reviewing your current project and providing communications-focused feedback that helps you determine the next steps based on the goals for your business. 

If you are just beginning a project, this option can help you establish a streamlined workflow in terms of organization and the assignment of tasks. This process works for a new website, social media communications strategy, project planning or any adaptation of the other services Corona provides. 

Consultation is available whether you plan to go with another designer or plan to produce the project yourself. 

This service is available by the hour and includes a range of strategic services including:

  • Brand-focused marketing theme
  • Establishing a yearly communication calendar around key dates and goals
  • Selecting suitable social networks
  • Developing original content
  • Sharing found content to enhance your efforts
  • Exploring cross promotions possibilities
  • Competitor review
  • How to build understanding with well-chosen content to share

If you do not see a service here you're interested in, please do not hesitate to ask!

$75 per hour for individual calls
$130 per hour for group sessions, and follow-up notes

Please send an email to me here, indicating what time of the day and week works the best for you.

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