Corona stands for coming full circle. 



Supporting proactive community efforts to protect people, land and all relatives. It is the best way to dedicate life energy in these changing times.

Corona means to come full circle. It is the light emerging after the eclipse passes. In these dark times, moving from exploitative business to life-supporting ways is life-purpose served.


Operating Values

These are all related and influence each other. They are all honored in accordance with their connection.

Accountability - Through collaboration truth is integral when we come together with shared intent.

Proactive Communication - Insight. Values. Strengths. Gathering to find solutions. Discuss activities to immediately pair to vision, and a time-frame to bring them into being.

Honesty - Receptive and easy-going until I feel the collective good is threatened, and then I do and say what can be said to protect it, sometimes standing up against the common sense of the situation.

Integrity - Working hard in favor of life, in a legitimate way. 

Compassion - Being sensitive to contributing factors that affect communication, choosing actions and words based on observations that clearly resonate.

Belief - Gained through testing, experience and trials, verified by nature, and nature-based evidence.

Trust - Hard to gain, difficult to hold, easy to lose. I work to build trust in a lasting way.

Creativity - Attentive to natural sources of inspiration. Constantly inspired by proactive community.

Clarity - Using visuals to symbolize the essence of what needs to be communicated clearly and effectively. To be transparent about business goals. Keeping perspectives in mind to reach common understanding whenever possible. Respecting differences to inform integral messaging.

Generosity - Sharing what I can, as often as I can, in the best ways I can. This includes gifting what I can of the process and parts of what I do. 

Consciousness - Dedicating life-energy to helping all relatives and the planet.


Photo by Nick Đỗ. 

Photo by Nick Đỗ

Mary K (MK) Johnson, sole operator of Corona, worked at Standing Rock’s largest camp, the Oceti Sakowin Camp (OSCM) as a key team member of the dedicated in-camp media crew from November through the evacuation of camps in late February. She documented the frontline and managed the web-hub to facilitate critical Camp communication of events, issues, and needs to the outside world and to share stories about the inspiring life of the in-Camp Indigenous led movement. After Standing Rock, she continued with a couple of organizations, in a post-camp-trauma-state for several months, working the whole time on new brand developments and the corresponding information structure. It was difficult for any of us to work in that state of mind and being without adequate time to recover. 

Oceti Sakowin Camp Media. MK on the left. Photo by Tom Jefferson

Oceti Sakowin Camp Media. MK on the left. Photo by Tom Jefferson

Steady work in the field of environmental and social justice involves grant-support most times. Prior to leaving for Standing Rock MK had been awarded grants and contracts funded by these, for work with The Skokomish Watershed Action Team, and in school a project on social consciousness and social media networks called Be Your Own Hero. Some of this work was volunteered, while building the working understanding of the causes and issues. In hopes of finding a way to find a similar application of cumulative skill to put to work as part of (OSCM), she connected with the Seeding Sovereignty organization and presented several work examples. Learning more about grant-writing and project development seemed like a natural fit for this work, and after proposing several options based on demonstrated experience, we began to work together. Though the experience was good, full of lessons, she is continuing independently.


MK graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Art degree, communications focus from The Evergreen State College. She creatively applies her extensive experience as a commercial artist with marketing and communications expertise and website development to her passion for activism and water protection.  Her goal is to continue maintaining the communications front line, with a focus on Indigenous Sovereignty, while engaging a diverse audience to provoke thought and build understanding around long-held colonial thought patterns. She believes in the mission of working together to save the planet, with full support for Sovereign Nations, Indigenous People, while recognizing the amazing collective potential of allies and supporters, of all Water Protectors.