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Independence Day

First Blog Post: Independence, July 4th, 2017

Every human being is a raindrop. And when enough of the raindrops become clear and coherent they then become the power of the storm.
- John Trudell
A son of Mexico by his Mother & Santee Dakota by his Father

One thing we have never done as humans in these United States of America is rise up together, take all of each other and the cumulative affect of our national and generational history into account, and work together for the sake of LIFE. We started to come together at Standing Rock, and we learned a lot. We are all connected and we found real and resonating strength in that. Prayers and meditation help us move together if we act on them together. #StayWoke

The injustices of false "liberty" are clear. No matter what is used to dominate us, our homes these lands, and the futures for all children, we are becoming coherent about the truth of LIFE. When you hear the fireworks tonight, remember the power of the storm we are when we work together. We are independent in one thing truly, the intention we live by and the choices we make each day.

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