Websites are your information hub where customers can learn all they need to know about your business, including the best ways to engage it. 


Websites are the information hub where people can learn all they need to know about your work, including the best ways to engage it. Corona Communications will build you a modern responsive website that gives current and potential supporters convenient access to what they need to know, wherever they have a connection, increasing your efforts potential, while presenting your work and community based on agreed-upon values and intentions.

Service options include:
A custom design that matches your business brand
Easy to edit and update as needed
Blog with email subscriptions
As many pages as you need
Custom graphic design & photography

*Responsive websites look good on laptops, smart phones, desktops and tablets.

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Streamlined Process

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We can collaboratively develop a basic 5-6 page website in the course of three 1-hour phone calls, to save you time, including follow up emails complete with a custom tutorial at publish so you can update it at your convenience.

Quick ways to generate content include one call with stakeholders, facilitated by Corona. This discussion would take the group through a series of questions and prompts, which would be transcribed and paired with compelling visuals.

Created using Squarespace. I recommend domain purchase through them, free the first year.

Website examples: